I need help porting models.

I’ve tried google, I’ve tried the Valve Dev Community, but I can’t really find the information I need.

I’m trying to port over a model, out of TF2, and into HL2Ep2. I do own both games, just so you know.

The model I’m trying to port is latern001.mdl, which has the materials lantern_glass001.vmt/.vtf and latern001.vmt/.vtf.

I’ve extraced all the model data and materials to ep2/models/tf2_ported, where I have edited the .vmt’s to point to the correct folder. I just don’t know how to make the model understand where the materials are found.

The model shows in the Model Browser list, but when I click it, it shows no 3D preview, nor can I use it in game. Can someone help?

Using GCFScape, open the TF2 .GCF located in your steamapps folder and extract the models and materials into your episode two/ep2/models and /materials folder.


I know that off by heart now :3:

But, whenever I try this way of doing it with Left 4 Dead, it doesn’t work.

That’s because L4D and L4D2 uses a different type of model.

I don’t know the specifics (perhaps someone could explain) but to get it to work; you could either use that mounting addon thing or download a .bat file called the .VTX Fixer and place it in your ripped models folder and double click it.

You have to decompile and recompile the model again. Luckily doing that doesn’t mess up the model like it would a map.

Don’t extract it to your custom folder, put all the shit in their exact folders, just replace the tf with ep2 in the paths.

Ooh, right, I’ll try renaming the folder, and swap tf with ep2.


Thanks Legend, it works now, after I renamed the folders.

I’ll just compile now, pakrat everything in, and test it in Gmod. If it all works, then I can officially port models/pakrat. Might be a small thing, but I’ve never done it.

Crap, it shows in Hammer now, texture and everything, but it doesn’t show up in-game nor does it collide with anything.