I need help, possibly due to a vac ban.

I have never been notified of a vac ban, or ban from any server. I am a Admin for R3Born : IP: Non of the players can login now. All files have been deleted that maybe interferring. Server has been restarted. Can you assist in this please.

Is it legacy or experimental? Also, VAC bans don’t prevent others from connecting to your server if YOU have one.

Who is your GSP?

it is on Legacy server, R3BORN , IP: , server is on Multiplay.

Contact Multiplay and find out what’s going on.

I keep getting a Facepunch_kick_ban in the F1 console. And I have notified the owner of the server. The players are getting the same thing from what I’ve been told.

Owner better change the rcon password while they’re there. That’s the message for a server ban.