I need help - REICH ROLEPLAY

Okay. Account highjacking is dumb, lol.

Plus, you failed to change the password?

Yeah, because I’m sure no one from TacoNBanana browses Facepunch. [/sarcasm]

Please keep the e-drama from these “roleplaying” communities confined to your communities’ forums, and DDoS each other to oblivion, for all I care. The general GMod populous does not like to be involved in the affairs of these “roleplaying” communities.

Who gave you the right to speak for others doug >:C

Also, What would attacking another community achieve?!

Revenge against these animals.

inb4 anonymous is not your personal arm-

Oh wait…

Eh I play TnB and I still don’t see the need for revenge.

You’re basically trying to lower yourself down to the 12 year old sweaty kids that sit at the computer all day and play Reich RP or whatever it is level.

Translation: Revenge against a rival “roleplaying” community over stupid shenanigans like “trolling” - something TnB is known to do on other roleplaying servers.

Then they’ll just fight back with 10x as much force. You guys don’t want the forums totally destroyed and the servers wiped AGAIN, do you? (I’ve lost track of how many times TnB’s servers/forums have been destroyed)

The internet is not your personal army.

Doug, even if they don’t attack that stuff will still happen. It’s nothing new, I don’t see what you are trying to achieve by posting here.

I don’t like when they take these e-battles to this site.

They can go DDoS each other to oblivion on their own community forums. But don’t take this shit here.

It’s a war whether you guys want to be part of it or not.

yeah because fat roleplaying nerds DDoSing each others sites is totally similar to war.

Somewhat. I take Garry’s Mod and Half-Life 2 Communities very serious.

Then you’re a tool and why RP sucks, RP is always either DM fest or srs bsns and I’ve yet to find a server that actually has a middle ground.

SourceMod is srs bsns

Those mingebags who " DM fest " are fools and don’t know how real RP really is.

“Real” roleplaying is done without computers.


You shouldn’t see RP as real and under no circumstances should you ever treat RP as real, I mean what enjoyment would come from being an oppressed citizen in a dystopian society playing as a shit job and can be willed out of existence by admins at any give moment for the most idiot reasons (hurf durf ur name sux)

Irony This isn’t the real Tom Basley. Silly attempts to troll :frowning:

Funny thing is, RP sucks.