I need help removing chat prefixes

I got chat prefixes for my darkrp server and i DID delete them from the addons folder but they were still there so i though “maybe it is the darkrp folder?” so i deleted the whole darkrp folder and replaced it with a brand new one but the chat prefixes are still there. I cant even find out where it is. If you wanna see goto my server “BlackRP” and my steam name is TOMIS13LACK if u wanna talk to me.


Try the server’s lua folder? (I don’t know why it would copy itself there, sounds malicious…)

i dont know where i’d look in there?

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just started looking and i searched “chat” and simmilar things and it was not there

Where did you download the prefixes? If you could prove a link, I could tell you exactly where it’s located and what you need to delete. Remember to restart your server if you haven’t.

i believe either a steam addon or coderhire i have bought alot from coderhire

They’d most likely be OnPlayerChat ( clientside hook ).

You can search inside .gma files as the Lua segments are plain-text. I’d recommend searching all files *.lua using Notepad++. Ignore case, don’t need to match entire word only.

i dont use notepad ++ i use notepad and i know how lua and stuff.

I used to use Notepad for many different languages; then I wrote my own version to give a few additional features such as highlighting and a line well.

Notepad++ Is really lightweight, and you can customize it to do exactly what you want when you want. It is powerful…

Here are some of the things I’ve done and made available for Notepad++ customizations:How to install the Syntax Highlighting XML:

Garry’s Mod Notepad++ Lua Syntax Highlighting:

If you want other nice features, replace these in the %appdata%
otepad++ config or plugin dir:

This adds DarkRP wiki search, Old and new Garry’s Mod Wiki search, and a macro called Trim trailing and save ( removes blank space at end of line and saves file; super useful )

This edits to add default Lua syntax highlighting built-in

This changes the right-click menu to be useful ( for my purpose, but it is easy to change )…

> denotes sub-menu / menu open with tab-indent to show contents and de-dent to go back to parent
Menu changed slightly since this version

Right click >
	Save [ Trim Trailing ]
	Export to HTML
	Reload File
	Open Current Files' Folder
	Garry's Mod Wiki Search
	Garry's Mod Old Wiki Search
	Garry's Mod DarkRP Wiki Search
	Search Google
	Edit >
		Select ALL
		Hide Lines
	Text Highlighting >
		Clear All Styles
		Using 1st Style
		Using 2nd Style
		Using 3rd Style
		Using 4th Style
		Using 5th Style
		Clear 1st Style
		Clear 2nd Style
		Clear 3rd Style
		Clear 4th Style
		Clear 5th Style
	Plugin Commands >
		Open Color Picker
		Base64 Encode
		Base64 Decode
		Open Plugin Manager

ik i have notepad ++ i just prefer the regular version

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now about these chat prefixes things they are really pissing me off

We need code; They’re most likely in OnPlayerChat hook, clientside… unless you’re using a custom chat-box, then they’d be in there.

If it is darkrp, make sure you look in addons/darkrpmodification/ folder