I need help to find a map for gmod.

Now,i can’t find that map on gmod.org so i ask here. I don’t know if it’s a map or actually two seperate,but let me put a description:

A tower with stuff in it. As far as i remember,it had planes ad flyable vehicles at some floor. It also had an giant room floor.

And now the only thing i remebmer for this “maybe seperate map”.
It had a huge turning glass circle on top. And i think it had an button to controll the turning.

If you know anything about that mapo,r two seperate maps,please tell me.

im thinking sb_spacetransitl2 but that probably not it sounds similar to what you are looking for though.


hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Sadly it isn’t that one. I found it on gmodfiles.com but that site is down.

hmmm did you find the name? i might come across it somewhere.

Rename this: The 2011er megathread.

He only wanted help from FP to find something he was looking for.
This IS the help and support section.

Don’t have to be a prick about it.

Your 2 months from being a 2011er, don’t be such an arse.

Maybe i should ask Ubermensh,in the end,he is one of the creators of gmodfiles.