I need help to make ppl join me

In gmod or any hl2 game/mod , no one can join me , my port are fowarded and my firewall is off . Im using windows 7 and it worked b4 but stoped few months ago

Type sv_lan 0 and heartbeat in console.


Does it work?

nope didnt tried , im downloading something on steam , but what it do exactly ?

sv_lan 0 makes it a non LAN game.
Heartbeat makes it visible for others (I think)

i think it didnt work cause i cant see it in server list , do i need to allow the program in my windows options ?

Alternatively, try this http://portforward.com/

Or try Hamachi. http://hamachi.en.softonic.com/


Yeah of course you do.


You could also try to give the IP address of your server to your friends.

Type status in console
Give them the IP address
Tell them to type connect IP ADDRESS in console

ill try but im not sure if it will work >.>

woot it now work !