I need help with a gamemode

Hai there i would love to make a deathrun server but i cant find a gamemode of deathrun and there are no tutorials for how to make1 so could some 1 please send me a link to one or make me one that would be very nice and i did have the fretta 1 but i put it in my gmod gamemodes on my dedicated server and it didnt work the gamemode was still sandbox even thoe the only game mode was deathrun in that folder please help thanks

1st: Learn to spell.
2nd: Go check on Drama unlimited
3rd: Learn to spell.

I’m surprised you can even afford a dedicated server >_>

sv_defaultgamemode DeathRun


If not, try:
changegamemode <map> DeathRun

It’s hard to understand what you’re asking, you’ll get better replies if you take the three seconds of effort to make your post read well…