I need help with a gamemode

Im making a new gamemode and I need some answers because im new to lua coding and I need to learn the following:

  • How to Make Teams (like T and CT)

  • How to make classes for those teams (like Medic, Soldier etc…)

  • How to set specific spawn points for those teams in a specific map.

  • How to give those classes weapons (like M4 and stuff)

  • How to make round time

  • How to make a custom HUD (like Instead of suit and health I want Health and Armour)

  • How to make it so when you run you can only run for a specific amount of time then you get tired and catch your breath.

  • How to make entities spawn on a map (like sakarias’ jet spawning in a specific map when that gamemode is selected)

  • How to make those entities re spawn if they are destroyed.

If I find any other things I need to know, ill post. For now, I hope someone helps me because I have a good idea and its time I do it. Thanks for viewing my thread!

  1. **[Team.SetUp

2. I think best would be to make these classes teams too. Just prevent people from joining this class team if they are not in the right base team(T or CT)
3. **[Gamemode.PlayerSelectSpawn

4. **[Player.Give

5. When you spawn all players set a timer, when it ends, end the round and do what you wanna do.
6. **[How to: HUD

7. Set a variable(Stamina) to 100 and when the sprint button is held down let it slow the player down with this: **[Gamemode.SetPlayerSpeed

8. **[Ents.Create

9. **[Entity.Respawn

http://wiki.garrysmod.com/favicon.ico](http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Entity.Respawn)** and **[Gamemode.PropBreak


I’m not giving you complete scripts for this, best is to just learn Lua using the tutorials on the wiki and manuals around the internet, that way you can start making your own gamemodes.

SO Basically make the gamemode for you?

The Wiki

No, just ways to do this like the post above u i think will help me.


Thanks, ill see what your post takes me