I need help with a live remote console.

In other words, you know how some service providers give a live console, or some servers allow for a live view of your console via HLSW? Well… I would like to know, how do I get one of these live views where i can see people saying stuff, people dying, etc etc etc?

Tell your provider to install a cPanel

Or get your own dedi box but Netheous option is the easier one

my provider has one.


Thats not really a live console, thats just a rcon executor

I know. I want to know how I can get one that offers a live view of the console.

I think they just stream console.log from the server.


That’s exactly what TCAdmin does - I had a minecraft server that logged to a different file and I had to write a script that copied the file periodically. Writing to console.log displays changes to the live console.