I need help with a simple script...

Hi guys!
I am having an issue where in my function, PLAYER:Bleed,
Here is what i’m trying to do:
If a player named Snuggles was bleeding, I would want Snuggles to say “I’m bleeding!”
Here is my code:

function PLAYER:Bleed()

if self:IsBleeding() then
    player.GetByID( 1 ):ChatPrint("Im bleeding!")
    self:SetHealth( self:Health() - 10 );
    timer.Simple( 15, self.Bleed, self );



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I want the players name to be shown as well, like in chat :dance:

self:ChatPrint(self:Name()…": Help, I’m bleeding!");

Try that?

Thanks, i will try this in the morning :slight_smile:

Yay! It works!
Thanks man!