I need help with an error

In this map that I decompiled, when I re-compile it, no lights show up. Here are the screenshots.

scroll through there left and right. it seems only certain colored lights show up, along with some prop lighting.

There are no leaks in the map. What do I do?

This map you decompiled, is it yours? If not you should be getting permission from the original creator to do anything with it (i.e releasing, making videos, etc.)

In Hammer are there actual light entities under the prop lights? If so, check to see if they are set off or turned on by a switch or trigger.

Yeah, the creator gave me his permission.
I fixed the problem myself by chaning the ‘Appearance’ properties of all the lights to 32.

Don’t decompile maps. It creates a whole load of errors that are time-consuming and difficult to correct. When a map’s decompiled, the decompiler guesses where brushwork would be, which of course leads to a huge mess.

Make sure the lights have a brightness higher than 0 and that the “Initially dark” flag isn’t checked.

Next time, please use the question megathread.


did it

will remember that

Why not just get the Original Creator to give you the .vmf?

He isn’t at his computer, his computer is in a different city.

Also, do you keep the .vmf files of all of your maps?