I need help with attaching particles (blood) to dead bodies.

Ok, I posted something like this earlier, but all I got was bullshit responses like “Go to the Gmod WIKI lua page,” which I did, and I don’t understand a single fucking word of it. All I am wanting to do is have it so when I shoot someone the blood, instead of floating in the air, actually follows the body. I don’t want responses like “Oh, you have to make a ParticleEffectAttach.” I don’t know how to do that. Please, either tell me what I want to know or don’t post.

Eh…Problem is, that’s what you have to do.

Sorry to tell you this but there’s certain things in GMod that if they’re not made yet, you gotta script them out. If it ain’t scripted it ain’t there, easy as that.

GMOD does not come with that feature by default with any current hooks or addons. You’d have to code the system yourself using new functions.