I need help with buttons here :(

I’m making a Sourcemod (Got most of it done) but I need help with my maps. The mod takes place between Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2. You are doing weapons training and stuff, and the style of map changing is pressing buttons. When you finish with something, you get to press a button and it loads the next map. That’s where I need help.

Can someone PLEASE explain STEP BY STEP what to do, where the stuff is (screen-shots would be amazing), and how to do it.

well your way of doing it seems very unreasonable, you can simply do this

Point_clientcommand + button

Onpressed>clientcommandname>“command” with a parameter of “map <yourmapnamehere>”

This is what I feared. I don’t know hammer that well, so I don’t know what you’re really talking about :crying:

I know where the output and input things are, can you please post screenshots explaining how to do my buttons? I’m so confused, I ask people on steam for help and they just confuse me worse!


someone told my I needed to make a block and texture it with the tools/trigger thing. I did that, it is now a sort of see through orange. Then they told me to do the toEntity thing and I did that.


I need screenshots or I get lost quickly.


Please help!

Ok, what Magman77 said was right, but I’ll try to explain. Make a “point_clientcommand” entity, anywhere, so long as it doesn’t cause a leak. Name it “map_change”. Then, make your button wherever, make it look like whatever, doesn’t matter. Oh, right, and to make a button make a block, again any size or appearance, and texture it HOWEVER YOU WANT. It does not need the trigger texture. Select it, press “Ctrl+t”, and from the little drop down menu in the top left of the properties select “func_button”. Press enter and then apply. Open the properties back up again and go to the outputs tab. Then add this:

 My output named: OnPressed
Target Entities: map_change
Via this input: Command
With a parameter override of: map <name of the map you want to change to>

Obviously, don’t put the less than/greater than signs in that last line. But that should give you the effect you want. Now, if you want a model to appear as if it is the button, do everything above but make a brush around the part that you press and texture it with the “trigger” texture.

That’ll work too. Glad I could help.

Ok, thanks guys :smiley:
it works perfect, but instead of using

map [mapname]

i used


so i get a loading box and it looks better.

Now all I need are mappers :stuck_out_tongue: