I need help with Expression 2 (Again)

Hello I’m working on a stargate computer, and i want wire buttons to type instead of a keyboard so now it basically looks sort of like this:

if(Leq == 1) {Adress=113}
if(Leq == 0) {Adress=0}
if(Lew == 1) {Adress=119}
if(Lew == 0) {Adress=0}
if(Lee == 1) {Adress=101}
if(Lee == 0) {Adress=0}

And so on…

But for some reason the only one that works is:

if(Enter == 1) {Adress=13}
if(Enter == 0) {Adress=0}

So I can activate a gate but nothing will happen.

Is there a way to make a keyboard with wire buttons without doing:

if(QWER == 1) {ASDF=54}

Or could you tell me whats wrong?


Best to ask on the wiremod forums.

You could multiply the buttons, add them into 1 chip and wire address directly up to the stargate.

Or wire a wired keyboard directly up to the gate.