I Need Help With Expression 2 On Gmod

If any one could give me a written tutorial because my computer cant install flash player to play vids

If the actual wiki doesn’t help, there are three tutorial links in there

Expression 2 tutorials:
ApplyForce tutorial:
The wiki:

Thanks All


I have been reading for 1h and heres what i can do
im making a turret so when u go in front of the ranger the turret go’s off

@name Auto Turret
@inputs Ranger
@outputs Fire

If (Ranger>=1) {Fire=1}
If (Ranger<=0) {Fire=0}

please tell me if this is right


That - would - work just fine (of course if wired correctly) but you’re somewhat doing it wrong, but I think you should consider what Hyper Iquana posted.

Also, you might want to consider posting these kinda topics on http://www.wiremod.com next time, you might get more help seeing as that’s the official site for Wiremod. (Also, there’s a bunch of tutorials there.)

Good luck on learning E2, it’ll be fun.