I need help with Garry'smod.Please help me.

I would like to insert a picture from the ones I’ve stored in my computer,in the game,and if possible to enlarge it.
Another question which is anyway about Garry’s mod.
When you delight building a house or whatever,as you already know you may need long time to finish your project.
So I would like to select a collection of props which are been weld together or anyway which have had some modifications,like when you choose the colour,and save all the collection of objects and respawn a clone of that.
What tools do I need for these(image and select and copy of ojects)?
I thank everybody’s gonna help me in advance,and I thank all the stuff of the forum as well.

Advanced Duplicator does what you want; it comes with the latest version of Wiremod.

Download guide:

Thank you very much.