I need help with getting darkrp to work on my server

I have a server that runs really great and i want to change it to dark rp… i NEED SVN links! darkrp 2.4.2 is trash any others?

                                                              Appreciate any help! thanks!

There you go.

Thats the link to darkrp 2.4.2

Why wouldn’t you want that link?

Can you help me get it to work right?

What do you mean? DarkRP 2.4.2 is the latest DarkRP. Should work fine.

Isn’t 2.4.2 the most recent version of DarkRP? I know FPtje is working on a newer version, but…you’re gonna have to stick with that for now. Sorry.

Alright… Well i can work with it… The only problem is that i have to to type in “changegamemode “map” darkrp” for it to start

Add this into your server’s start up line.

+sv_defaultgamemode "DarkRP" +sv_gamemode "DarkRP"

I love you… works