I Need Help With Hexxing A Model

Ok so I’ve gotten a tutorial on it and I did as it said but the tutorial was similar of what I’m doing but I’m hexxing a model and not making a swep. So I did as it said to which was to change something in the .mdl then renamed all the models to that .mdl and pretty much I was done but what I’m askin is do I have to change the textures names to the models as well? Like lets say

" curvivor_gambler.mdl "

and textures to be like

" gambler_body2 to be cambler_body2 "

?? Or do I just keep it the same?

also do I just transfer the materials from the reskin to a folder and not add others from the original file? Like the one I’m editing has 3 material files, 2 materials and 1 texture and am I supposed to add the other files from the original that are not in their or?

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=880556 - My hexing tutorial.

And yes you can do that but you would have to change those names in the MDL also, it’s not automatic, usually what is done is the folder the materials and textures are in is renamed to avoid having to rename every material.

All files from the original that you have changed must be put into the new hexed version’s folder and the texture paths in the material files must be changed to reflect their new position.