I need help with ideas for my newest map

Ok, i already have the map idea and made it have 3 rooms, it has an office feel, as i already made the break room.
This could easily be a office OR house, but i have 2 rooms to fill.

Office? house? i need prop ideas/additions, ask for specifics in needed.

i really hope this is in the right section also. :l

Edit: forgot to mention, its a CSS kind of map, for gmod.

EDIT AGAIN: its a really small office.

If you want it to be somewhat similar to cs_office, add a conference room and the office itself.

Hang on Cheese, im uploading pictures.


Finally works

Make the map bigger, add hallways, more rooms.

Room ideas:

work room
conference room
storage room

Use computers and office props for the work room

Interesting, yes that may work.

Use cs_office as an example and then build your ideas from there.

Why are the walls so thick

they should be 16 max

Its a work in progress, soup.

EDIT: Its been thinned, looks a little better.

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Now its:

im keeping this map to a small meeting area.

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Ok, finished. Thanks again.


How thin are those walls? They should be between 8-16 units thick

NoDraw is your friend. use it


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Bahahaha, adbots.

did not measure, nor do i know how, but it works.

Nodraw, Huh? alright.

Walls should be 16 units wide. You can change the grid scale by the controls in the top left corner of by pressing ‘[’ and ‘]’. You can see your current grid size in the bottom left.

Alright, Its offically done.

windows are now clearer
another tree at spawn
got rid of the crapper
no table in lounge
no bar in lounge
breakable t.v’s

Its on Garrysmod.org

I’ve always made them 8.

Why did you remove all the pictures? Now nothing in this thread makes sense.

I removed them for privacy, it had some information on there i didnt want anyone seeing. Plus, if you got this map light it on fire and burn it, it was shit.

I wont retry this again.