I need help with my gamemode, Anyone willing to help me?

Ok here is the thing, I don’t want to give any information About my game mode until its fully released

But I need help with these things,

***Staff members WITH donating system, With the ranks of VIP, Mod, Admin, High admin, Co-owner, Owner, (Or if they pay this or xxx they get xxx staff/ And if they pay xxx then they get xxxx in game cash) But I don’t have a website just yet so I understand this one being put off.
*Npc’s drop money when they die,
*(This one isn’t coding but still I need it) A Big map that has various towns/urban areas
*Npc’s have different traits (Friendly/aggressive)
*A HUD displaying Food, Health, Drink, and Stamina, Food and Stamina Slowly drain over time.
A Menu/store where they buy guns, CSS Guns, that last a certain amount of days
Random weapons when a player spawns Like This guy spawns and he gets a crowbar while this other gets a knife, etc.

***Automatic spawning system for Npc’s, That also spawns them in after a certain amount of time,
Npc shops, Containing only 3-5 Guns/Ammo/Food/Water
Weapons also have a using limit or the guns/weapon slowly dies and becomes weaker over time.

Now im not asking a Individual person to do all of this,
For example if you know how to do one thing you can tell me,
Or if you know multiple things, you can just tell me/ make me pay for them.
If you are willing to help, That would be amazing, (For free or pay doesn’t matter)
And if you do ALOT of the things above I will pay you for it, Name your price, I won’t bite.

If you add me on Skype : (Southflyer123) I will tell you everything about the gamemode. and why I need help, if you can help me any way possible That would be Amazing!
Add me on steam if you want : http://steamcommunity.com/id/PENISBITCH

Thanks for the help guys!
If you can help me ANY way possible either pay or no pay, I would be SOOO grateful!

If I do pay you, it will be through Paypal