I need Help with my gamemode

Okay I’ve been trying for ages and can figure this out. What i need to do is make it so if there’s say 4 people on the server that 3 of them need to be on team survivor and 1 needs to be put on team zombie at the start of a round. so that on my 16 slot server when the round starts 4 random people are put on team zombie and the rest are put on team survivor. Get what I’m saying?

Next time you have a question, put it in the “questions” subforum.

So… is it your gamemode or is it ReDead, or perhaps Zombie Survival? You need to specify what you’re working with to help people like me come up with solutions. If you coded it yourself, give us your file that designates teams. If it’s not yours, give us the name of the gamemode so we can further help you.