I need help with my gmod server

Hi i would like to start up one or multiple garrysmod server the first being a DarkRP or a TTT
my problem is i have a vps but i have no idea how to setup a GMOG server with it, i would love help and i would having a developer im a beggining coder and itd be cool to have someone experienced with it if someone offered to be developer we would slip donations 50/50 a month that is after we payoff the vps and everything a nice reply would be good :smiley:
i will be checking this every few hours, and also if you are not interested in being a developer tips on starting it up on my vps would be good :smiley:

Get SteamCMD and read up on the documentation
Link Below

Garrysmod ID is 4020

I can help you, add me on steam:http://steamcommunity.com/id/fibao