I need help with OpenAura.

I’m not one to usually beg, but my last server I began was stolen from me by a jealous and power-hungry administrator I put too much trust in. I want to break off now, and begin Unrelenting Force Gaming, a community for Skyrim/medieval roleplay, and hopefully we can spread to other servers and games within time. Back to the point: I need someone who is proficient with OpenAura, the gametype I want to run my roleplay off of to answer several questions for me and perhaps help me begin the server. I’ve got a few other friends who are willing to learn and get better with OA. We’ve all had experience with OA, but we aren’t ones to configure and begin stuff like this. Please PM me if you’re willing to help. Offering administrator for your efforts, and maybe even pay if you help enough.

Hi I added you.

Please check out the official support system.

Offering admin is not worth me or anyone elses time, unless you ensure payment then you should look into learning LUA yourself or do what Conna said above me.

He demanded over 100 weapons be turned into items in roughly 5 minutes, he’s also twelve.



Not surprised, really. Why would you trust someone of that age to have complete access over the server anyway?

Because he took his moms credit card out of the kitchen, and she can’t leave the kitchen… so its a hopeless situation.