I need help with PC Mod 13 (Custom Sounds in the personal player)

I’ve found one video but it’s from 2009 and doesn’t work anymore the way it’s explained. PC Mod is also very hard to Google search for with other tags because Google is like "Oh! Look! He typed PC in the box, so lets search for the word “PC” instead of any other damn word in the entire box. Damn Google.

Anyways, I’ve been screwing around with this mod for maybe 12 hours and I still can’t get damn custom sounds in the personal player. I’ve lua’d, I’ve downloaded MP3’s, searched the files over and over, and yet I just cant seem to get it. Lua gods / people who have lots of know-how on PC mod 13 please help! I’m going to go insane if I don’t figure this out soon!


It’s a client side function.

I think these might help your Google troubles.