I need help with Rcon

If i am using the rcon address and password to run commands on the server, is there any way that i can see what people say or how they respond?
For example:
if i were to do this
rcon_password password
rcon say hi
Console: hi //this would happen[/lua]

but i cannot see how they respond to it. If i am asking a question how would i get an answer?

Output chat messages to console and they should be seen if you connect through rcon using a tool such as HLSW although some tools have support for chat, or?..

hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "OutputChatToConsole", function( _p, _text, _team )
	print( ( _team && "( Team )" || "" ) .. " " .. _p:Nick( ) .. ": " .. _text );
end );

i am not using a tool, i am only using console itself but output messages to console are not visible.

I am using Garry’s Mod’s console, i used those commands to allow me to run commands while im not on but output messages are not view able from there


I think the best option for viewing a server console is to output the server messages into a file and use a program to display the file contents in real time. I wrote a quick program with C# to use ftp and connect to my server’s log, read it at an offset, and print the result into a text box. For sending commands to the server via RCON, you can use https://github.com/aiusepsi/SourceRcon to send commands to the server and display their results.

I don’t really know if there are any better ways. If anyone knows, I’d like to hear it.


I can release it, but I’ll need to make a config file for it.

Here you go https://github.com/thegrb93/GmodFTPRcon

yeah its saying that a application data folder cannot be created

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Can you give more detail on the error? I haven’t seen anything like that before.

yes here is a picture of what happens when i run it:


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is there a different program i open it with? I’ve tried microsoft visual studio express, and the odd thing is, i’ve had other programs of the same type open and work perfectly fine…

Idk, I use visual studio 2012 express and I’ve never seen that.


anyway to do this in the in game console? some way like rcon print logs or something?

use menu state lua and socket library for lua

Yeah I figured it was a third party library. I like it this way better.

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