I need help with shooting lights out...

I can make a trigger that once I touch it, the light can turn off. Quwstion is, how can i shoot a trigger and/or brush with bullets to make it turn the light off?

I’m making a map where I’d like the lights to go out if they have been shot. I’m comfortable making trigger_multiple, but if you have another way to do it, I’d love to know. I can follow tutorials wery well, I just can’t find any on this subject.

I’ve seen maps where people shoot a brush to activate events and teleports, so this can’t be too complicated.

Thanks in advance.

Func_button, would be your best bet.

Care to elaborate on how I’d set it up?

I was just thinking of making a breakable (invisible) brush that will break when shot, tied to a trigger_once that will kill the light entity.

Perhaps not… I’d like to hear your func_button idea.


Make a func_button that turns the light off when damaged? Maybe put an env_spark or whatever that entity is called in, that only fires once? That’s what I do anyway.

Either way will do, but you can have either gibs with the func_breakable or sparks with the func_button. Up to you.

I’ll try func_button first, since gibs would be pointless/distracting.

1.Cover the light in a func_button
2.Add output
-output named: OnDamaged
-target: <light name here>
-input: TurnOff
4. Create a light_dynamic (idk if it has to be dynamic, perhaps just ‘light’ woould work)
5. Parent light to <button name>
6. Test it out, as im to lazy to.

(The env_spark would be done in much the same way)

You need to learn what parenting is.

  1. Create the light and name it.
  2. Put a brush around it and tie it (ctrl+t) to a “func_button”
  3. Name the func_button
  4. Go to the “flags” tab and remove all the ticks and then tick “damage activates”
  5. Go to the button’s “outputs” tab and click “add”.
  6. Set the values to this:
  • My Output named: OnPressed
  • Targets Entities named: [lightname]
  • Via this input: TurnOff

Note: Because I’m too lazy to test that, if it doesn’t work try changing “OnPressed” to “OnDamaged”.

It’s OnDamaged, because think about it… you are not pressing it, you are damaging it.

I tried the above where i added a hanging light model. in short, i made the func_button KILL the light. it worked. but there’s still a problem I have yet to get around: The prop_static model i used outputs it’s own lightsource… is there a way to kill that was well or disable it entirely?

Also, i’m trying to get it to work on a texture light as well. I’m not sure how to go about it, because texture lighting looks far superior than regular lights, and speeds up my compile time greatly. Any help and’or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

For the first problem, a prop_dynamic. Then add the output OnDamaged -> Lightmodel -> Skin, and set the parameter as the number of the skin you want it to change to. Most light models have on/off skins.

Damn you! i was going to type that :argh:

Well, you didn’t.

Nope, guess you’re right.