I need help with some lua

Ok this is what i have

I have the SB2 version of the mining addon and i was able to rewrite it and make it work but rather than having the mining laser cut the asteroid into resources I want it to be able to “pull” resources from the asteroids.

The problem i am having is getting the asteroids to spawn with the resources and be labeled accordingly, then be able to pull resources when your miner head is x amount of distance from target asteroid.

Basically the same principle used in the spaceage servers but for SB2 and me assigning my own resources that will be available.

If I can get some base to work off of (Like working examples for the asteroid spawns/labels/resources, and mining heads), I can handle the rest of this addons development for processing and storage, etc.

I am not using SB2, LS3, RD3 or CAF nor do I ever plan on using it so this has to be done for LS/RD2 and SB2.

BTW Yes i can pay someone if needed if the price is reasonable.

This will be used privately and not be released on the gmod site and credit will be given for your part in this in the info file accordingly.

Usually i can write lua for things but this is racking my brain.