I need help with some server hosting problemo's

I’ve port forwarded on my E3000 Cisco Router,I’ve pressed the Start Multiplayer button,I’ve put in the Sv_lan 0 and the heartbeat…
and it still says im in lan,I’ve even checked the server settings before I started to see if that was it!
Please,its worked before(without hamachi) but for some reason after the client update it wont!
if the ports have changed than please tell me,the ports for mine are
27015 - 27015
please just help me out.

I think the ports are 27015-27020

You only need UDP 27015. You can also add TCP 27015 if you want RCon to be accessible from the outside.

Does’nt work,at all.
still lan,but now after I did a few fixes and checked afew things…
Do I go on Port Range Forwarding or Single Port forward?
And if so…do I put the ending of the IP my Command Prompt shows or the one on WhatsMyIp.net?