I need help with tags in darkrp.

So, i’m making a server of darkrp and i tried 2 addons of tags, and both gave errors with the following things:
1)the first one is atags, the problem is that it just overide the name, and the ooc and the advert don’t show up any of the tags,
2)The second is the own custom tags from ulx, the problem is that it overides the name, and when i try o /ooc or /advert it, it just ignores the fact that is a ooc or a advert and it doesnt show up things like [OOC] or [Advert], it just appears the full name with the tag.

So i already tried doing the following things:
*removing all addons execpt ulx ulib, darkrpmodification and the atags(which was the one that i was gonna test) and it still was with the bug.
*i tried messing in the config of atags and didn’t find anything that could help me to fix the problem (even set to true darkrpmode)

So that’s basically it, i really need to make these tags work and i can’t find a way, the only way i found it that it actually “worked” was when i installed an addon that replaced the chat, and had his own tag system, that actually worked with ooc(burguerchat), but i don’t want the chat only the tags working, so if you find a way to help me i would be really thankful

This should help.

i already tried that addon too, nothing

Well, did you actually configure it…

This is the most vague response I have received. Did it produce a lua error? Did you download the link provided or did you copy the code and chuck it in some random file? Where is the file even located? Be more descriptive please.

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This only applies if you are using DarkRP:

In the darkrp_modules folder, ulx does have a folder so you could put that in a lua file called (I think) sv_chat (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong).