I need help with TF2 miscs and hats to put on characters.

I’m gonna start Gmod videos on youtube but i have no idea where to find tf2 miscs, i have a spawn list for hats but i need to get something that gets miscs and hats to stick to people. I’ve heard of the Bonemerger tool but i can’t find a download for it, i also need to find things like the Fast Learner and professor speks.

If it’s not too much to ask, could somebody possibly make a spawnlist with the miscs in them and send a link to a bonemerger? I’m total newb.

Steam IDis ChippyDee.

The misc hats should be stored under Browse>Team Fortress 2>models>weapons>c_items

Something like that, but remember c_items, that’s where all the unlockables or non default weapons go, which weapons include hats. I could check but I can’t boot up gmod right now, sorry about that.

Miscs are in player/items/*.