I need HELP with the Rust Launcher.

When I click play on Rust in Steam or if I just open the desktop shortcut of Rust it does nothing but open up an error box that reads:

“Rust Launcher Error: LauncherNetworkError - Could not create socket! Something is blocking the application from working.”

I have gone into my firewall settings and made sure the Inbound and Outbound are allowed on the Rust application and I have tried disabling my antivirus. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I also made sure I had the latest MS.NET Framework.:what:
(these are suggested solutions given to me by google searches, but none work because they are suggested by people who do not have the problem)

Please help, I will try anything. I might even delete System32. :godzing:

Should help: http://youtu.be/kuu_964Aags

You dont try install Linux. Linux have good network system and you never seen error about it.

You can have my babies Stezz