I need help with the targeting system in ULX.

Ok, so me and a couple of other staff are trying to set targets for groups. For example, I want Head Admin to be able to pick up superadmin, admin, moderator and users. Superadmin to be able to pick up admins, mods and users. I type in Ulx help in the console and it shows me how to but sadly it doesn’t work. Can someone help or explain this to me?

You need to change the ranks level. Which you fix by changing the can target. You need to go to ulx menu then groups tab and then the manage group.

You manage the group like he said up above.
And then you would do something like permissions I’m not sure I’m not in game play around with it.
Until you find something like setcantarget and in the box for lets says superadmin, you would put !%superadmin, admin, moderator, users

You shouldn’t do that way. So superadmin is the highest level so you should put * = everyone. Then for admin you should put !%superadmin = everyone except superadmins, for moderator you should put !%admin = everyonce except admin.

Do you get the system. You should always put !%onelevelhigherranknamehere on the rank that is one level(I can’t find the word for it except… level But it think you get what I mean.) lower.

After that you just need to fix the inherited.

One thing. Make the Superadmin at the top. Often plugins make the superadmin at the highest. So u cant change this.
I see it on my Server…