I need help with this!

I need help on how to do these things in hammer ( making a map for CSS ).
How do I made a brush disappear for 2 seconds then reappear by the push of a func_button?
How do I make it so the player only gets a knife at the beginning of the map without plugins etc.
How do I make a tanktrain move with the push of a func_button then once it reachs its destination reset automatically.

I really need help with these, Id like it if you can post a prefab .vmf file or tell me how :smiley:




Help would be awesome!

  1. make the brush a func_brush. On the button, add this output: onpressed-> name of func_brush -> disable. Then add another output that enables the func_brush, just with a delay of 2 seconds

  2. use a trigger_weapon_strip, then have a point_template spawn a knife, or just leave one on the floor.

  3. havn’t really used tanktrains, but based on what I am seeing in the VDC, have it start onpressed, then add another output with a delay (you will have to time this manually). OnPressed -> name of tanktrain -> kill. then another one with the same delay + a few seconds, however long you want the delay to be before the tanktrain dissapearing and reappearing at the spawn. Set a point_template to reference the tanktrain in template1, then add an output to the func_button OnPressed -> name of point_template -> forcespawn

Thanks a bunch! :smiley: