I need help with Weight Painting in Blender 2.74

So uh, I’m trying to follow Buu342’s Viewmodel Animation Guide

Whenever I try to weight paint a model to a bone, I can’t pick any of the bones.
Here’s what I always do

  1. I select the bone
  2. Go into Pose mode
  3. Select the model
  4. Go into Weight Paint Mode
    And that’s where I stuck because I can’t pick which bone.

I tried using other models instead but the same thing happened. There are also times when the bone is already highlighted then when I go to weight paint mode, the model has already been weight painted all over but it still won’t move with the bone.

Forgive me if what I’m saying sounds very stupid to you. It’s because I just started Blender recently. I watched some basic tutorials before even found Buu342’s guide but some stuff still doesn’t make sense to me. Any help would be appreciated.

You need to have an Armature modifier on the model, because right now the skeleton isn’t attached to anything.

Nevermind. I looked around some Blender forums and it turns out that you have to use Alt+LMB instead of just LMB to pick bones. Sorry for the waste of time.