i need help

How do i get this game

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I just need to know were to download the game

You get a key to create an account to play Rust on its online launcher and it’s not even a game it’s an alpha.

Seriously. There’s at least 20 threads where at least someone has had to type that out as well.

K were do i get the key

  1. It’s online, not an external application.

  2. You need a key, which is harder to get than a unicorn’s kidney.

  3. Wait and see.

You wait for them to be posted in the Gold Member’s Forum. First you must pay $10 in this site’s store on Boostar to get Gold Membership.

Ok this isnt helping ill just look on google

Store link: http://facepunch.com/store/

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What do you mean it’s not helping? I literally just told you everything you need to know.