I need help..

Warning: You may facepalm numerous times while reading this.

So… A few days ago I decided to rent a Gmod server. I’ve run and managed numerous Minecraft servers prior so I figured “How hard could it be?” right?.. WRONG. I should have done much more research before just jumping in head first. I literally have no idea what to do or how to config my server. I don’t even know where to start. Currently it’s on one map (construct) with no addons, ranks, or anything. I’ve tried googling and visiting different wiki pages but I just can’t get a good grasp on where to start! All i’ve done so far is update to the latest version and then run it once. That’s it. I was able to connect and it’s a very solid reliable connection, but now just i’m clueless. Some people have told me that you need to be really knowledgeable with Lua to efficiently manage a server. I’ve heard the name Lua tossed around and I know it’s a programming language, but honestly I know close to nothing about it. - much less how to actually code and implement it in to my server… Like i’ve said before, I know I should have done much more research before jumping in to this. I bought the server on impulse and now i’m stuck with it without any knowledge on how to get the ball rolling. I’d appreciate any advice or insight any of you could offer me. (and thank you for actually reading all this)

tl;dr - i’m an idiot.

My ideal server:
-In-game Pointshop
-Custom loading screen/music
-Ranks (Admin, Mod, etc)

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