I need help :(

I want to know what Gamemode you guys would suggest would bring players because, I would love having vips and stuff like that. I love rp but perp I want but I’ve now found out its broken I can’t get it and I’m not going to Anyone want to suggest a good Gamemode with built in VIP and features such as that.
I am quiting gmod forever after this month and its because, I’ve gotten Bord of it I’m closing the server if I don’t know what to use on it yes I was hosting perp for a week till the gmod update now its broken and I can’t fix it so I need to find something else by god I will and someone will suggest one in this fucking thread.


So you are saying you have a stolen version of perp? Perp was stolen by hackers and is not actually released officially to the public.

I don’t think we can help you if it is stolen.

Or are you talking about ingame on a actually perp server?

Yes i do but I need help finding a better gamemode that “Isn’t broken.”