I need help!

Ok, So i have started a Dedicated Server, with Ports 27015, And 27005.

The problem i have (I dont know if any of you have had this before), Like when people join my server, They disconnect (Disconnect By User) in 5 or less minutes, And i dont know whats the problem that makes them want to disconnect.
Everyone used to join fine with no problems, And everything before i added the Server.cfg. thats when this problem came, That no one can join my server.

I need help, Because this is annoying, I hate being alone in my server.

Source uses ports 27015 - 27020.

Actually, normally just 27015. 27016 if you created a local game erlier that day, or if you host more than one server.

So, What can i do, To fix this problem? So players can finally start joining? I think what the problem, MAY look like to them, Is either a endless cycle of “Retrieving Server Info” Or a endless “Sending Client Info”

Also, I have only hosted, ONE Dedicated Server for Garry’s Mod.

EDIT: Anyone going to help?!

Sorry for the bump, But seriously, Anyone going to help?!

I am very sorry, BUT ANYONE GOING TO HELP WITH MY DEDICATED SERVER? SERIOUSLY, I hate having to bump this thread, And keep posting.