I Need Help.

I’ve put a few things in my addons folder, such as GMow and Evocity props, but they just don’t show up, the vehicles aren’t under the vehicles tab and I can’t find the evo city props at all, why are they not coming up? I’ve restarted Garry’s Mod and everything.


Do the folders inside of addons have info.txt files?

Yeah I just leave them there, tells me to put them into addons. They can’t be interfearing, can they?

tell me the folder path of gmow

Like this:

And where info.txt is located inside of foldername

Yeah it’s inside the folder.

garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/GMOW-v3 Cars Part1

If there’s an SVN, re-do the svn and erase the old files.

Or re-install gmod and then download the files.

I’m not reinstalling the game just to get two things to work. Because I just got realistic CS:S weapons and they went straight to my weapons tab, so I either need to put the evo_city props into a spawn list and I have no idea about the vehicles.

Do you have an old version of these two mods?

If so, delete them.

No I don’t.