I need help!!

I try to create my own weapon, but when I compile it and put it in gmod the model does not appear. I need a some help!

How come you can’t compile?
Just do it yourself. :ms:

Open the VMT files for your textures, change the “LightmappedGeneric” to “VertexLitGeneric”.

If this forum had signatures (which would be scary), that would be it :stuck_out_tongue:

I compiled it, but in the sdk the model goes out well, the problem is that when I put it in gmod the model of the weapon does not go out in the hand.


I did not put textures to the model

Add rotate 90 to all the sequences.

it has to have textures.

Ok,i’m going to try ^^

You have to put “snap rotate 90” before “fps” I think.

ok i’m going to try thanks for the help :stuck_out_tongue: