I need high detailed alyx model with HD textures

Hi, i want to make something in SFM and i would like to know where i can get high detail alyx model with HD textures (like one that valve used to make this episode 2 trailer for example or better:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0l5N6Exjz0&feature=kp) and i would like to know where i can get High quality hl2 models for 3ds max blender and maya and other 3d softwares?

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Check out the HL2 cinematic mod

Valve doesn’t use super high detailed models or fancy cinematics, they just use in-game models with some nice renders in SFM. In other words, there’s no super highly detailed model of Alyx out there available to us (that I know of anyway). I think the most they do, if anything, is add a little more detail to the mouth and use better flexes.

You should be fine using the Episode 2 model of Alyx if you consider that trailer highly detailed and HD. It should only need a few minor tweaks if you wish to even do that much.

As far as obtaining HL2 models for model editing, people usually just decompile them them from the game unless there are raw files available. Some of the model data was released in the source sdk folder for people to reference and use but I don’t know where it’s moved since the steampipe update.

Cinematic mod is always an option as stated above, but that’s not really Alyx anymore. That’s basically an overly detailed model of Adriana Lima with ridiculously large textures and a ridiculously high poly count.

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actually, im pretty sure the models valve use for trailers have a higher texture quality than retail (nothing huge, not even too sure if alyx has one thats bigger, it might just be the one provided in retail.)

http://hl2.gamebanana.com/skins/126833 this is a really good retexture that increases the detail for various main characters of HL2
[sp] doesnt include the best main character tho, how dare you fat-corgi-guy, WATERMELON WAS THE BEST MAIN CHARACTER[/sp]

Try the early cinematic mod HD Alyx, the rest is all rubbish. Or check out the Missing Information beta Alyx re-do, it’s pretty dope.

Alyx in trailer looks little bit better than ingame, if i import Alyx from EP2 will it look better than ingame when rendered in SFM because TF2 looks better than ingame when rendered in SFM, will i get same result with HL2 EP2 models and maps?