I need ideas for things to make

bored and needs ideas for things to make


A swarm of bees.

a MASSIVE crow that screams and steals players weapons

Could you make a RPG Leveling system like Oblivion, or a similar game? Sorry, not much info but I don’t know how to ask in a better way.

A ghost that turns players into zombies

An AK47 that shoots babies.

A basic writing system for sandbox and other gamemodes. like /write (what u want to write) and then its like a letter on the ground… a bit like dark rps letters

Or a stool, because chat commands are dumb and pointless.

A head cam that takes your view to the 3rd person head instead of ShootPos!

Do some motorcycles or something. Driveable ones too please, thanks

OR you could be my personal Lua helper so I don’t keep making Lua help threads for everyone to ignore? :slight_smile:


Cloud of bees that will move in your direction and hurt you if you will walk or try to run away from them :v:
(copied this from http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=880851 lol)

k add me

Yes I agree somone make a motobike it is the only good thing gmod is missing.

A modified combine sniper that can move around, has no laser pointer, has animations that have him holding a sniper rifle, and can be killed by shooting him.

A zombie that kills citizens and transforms them into zombies themselves.

Look at killburns work.

Maybe You Could Help Me Code Some Of My Dark RP Stuff? :slight_smile:
I Have All The Ideas And Everything But Code All Down On Text I Just Need Help Doing It.
(All The Stuff I Need Doing Is Small)

nobody is gonna do darkrp unless you pay them