I need ideas for wild west themed props

I’m working on a Wild West mod mostly for practise and fun.

I don’t really have a fully developed story nor am I very good at coding (I’m slowly learning).

Anyway, seeing as I don’t have anything I really need to model, do you guys have any ideas on some “detail props” (stuff like rocks, mail boxes, bushes etc.)?

I’d really appreciate pretty much any ideas that can be achieved with relatively low poly models (under 500).

Thanks in advance.

Watch some Clint movies. Barstools, bars, saloon tables, self playing pianos, those swingy door dealies.

I would, if I could look away from your damn avatar.

make a stage coach, a cowboy hat, the aforementioned doors, stools and so on, barrels, mexicans, those little picket fences for houses, log fences, gallows, those cute little oil lamps, repeaters, revolvers, cacti, bandanas, farm animals and a sherriff badge.


that good for ideas?

watch trailers/gameplay of Red Dead Redemption or go out and get the game.
or watch a fuck load of wild west movies.
You should also do some mexican style houses aswell.

A tumbleweed!

If you’re making the mod all by yourself, you’re going to want to limit the scope. Work out how you want the maps to look, then make props as needed. If you just spin your wheels making props at random, you might get some nice stuff for a portfolio, but you’re less likely to end up with a playable mod.

These are great guys, thanks a bunch.


I’m only considering ideas that would actually fit the theme I’m going for and these props are just to make the place look more visually interesting. They won’t affect gameplay at all.

Is the map being made for NPCs or just players? I only ask because I think swinging doors will be the death of many NPCs, lol. Also, right outside the saloons you should have those mini stable things (nt sure what they’re called) where people leave their horses. For indoors get random paintings and whatnot for decoration.

agreed :xd:

make a wagon.

you mean horse hitches? Like the little fence looking thing where people tie their horses to a log?

Tumbleweed. Horseshoes. Spittoons. Beer mugs. A horse hitch. That should be enough to get started.

Whiskey bottles, cigars…

Random things like cacti, dried skulls, static props like broken wagon wheels, boulders, etc…

Bandana, like, for a face.

Yeah those

Native americans, Teepees, Bow’n arrow, and a peace pipe :smiley:
People might be thinking i am Native american because of this, they are right.

Tumbleweed is all you need.

you can download that stuff from gmod.org btw im also looking for a wild west thing i have everything except the models

Get someone to rip from Lead and gold