I need ideas.......

i am absolutely stuck on what to build, i usually get bored or muck up. Can someone give me ideas on what to build?

Helicopter that uses fin tool for lift.
If you can get it stable, I applaud you.

i did make a little prototype once, it was just one of those 2X2 Phx frames with a rotor on the top, it hovered pretty well but i shall try and make a proper helicopter, thanks :slight_smile:

oh and for future reference, not anything to wire heavy, i still havn’t got my head around wire

Medieval things!
Trebuchet’s, catapults, basilisk etc. w/o using thusters or anything like that. Using weight and elastic to make it gogo.

Make a tiny car. Start with a 025x025 prop. When your done, tadaa. You got a remote controlled car.

Another one of these “What to build?” threads, sheesh. ok im going to bombard you with interesting shit then.

Start with this:






Then maybe:








wait grumpy already did this one



and if your good at wire finish it with:




Master chief has wings now, lol.

oh god, not the big dog, that scares me! lol

make the Bv 206

(meant for snow)

I can’t seem to gain any lift whatsoever, no matter how fast i get the dam rotor to spin! I’ve tried changing the position of the blades, the weight, the orientation and i just can’t get it to go up! lift :frowning:

Search for XXXmags’ threads on helicopters. He mastered fin rotors.

Wicker, every lazy half assed fin tool rotor i put together manages to lift everything… o.O You musn’t been doing it right… On the other hand, while i can make rotors, i’ve never been able to make a decent flying helicopter xD

hmmmmm O_o il give it another go, and have a look at these threads…

EDIT: yeah i need to be more creative and technical when i come to this, mine was simply just a wheel ar 2 gears with fin panels on the top. lol

hmmm, seems my simple setup works now…strange…