I need ideas.

My friend (FailCake) recently asked me to do him some achievements for his gamemode, but…I don’ have any ideas! Please post some suggestions. I know this may be stupid, but please do so. P.S. My friend likes portal reference achievements lol. It’s basicly a shooter gamemode. So far I have:



  1. If at first you don’t succeed - Die 100 times.
  2. GLAdowned - Kill an admin.
  3. Android Hell - Burn to death.
  4. Test Chamber 20 - Find the cake (entity)
  5. Speedy thing - Get gravity owned


  1. Secret Phrase - You have to say my secret phrase.
  2. Close 1 - Go directly to 1 HP from 100 HP.

Work in progress: Anonymous Kill - Kill a player without seeing him die.

Achievements on an RP server is practically useless.

Killanonymus- Kill someone without witnessing their actual death.

TBH I think achievements take away the actual roleplaying from the RP.

Derpderp Excessive DMing ban pl0x- kill everyone in the server at least 5 times

Because we want to make RP a deathmatch gam- OH WAIT.

It’s funny because DarkRP.

…EW, Whats that smell???..Is that…WarRP I smell?


But, In all seriousness…Achievements in any form of RP is a BAAADDD Idea…The only way you could possibly get it to be a good idea is if they were actually RP related, i.e. Get $1000, Sell 25 guns from a gun lab, Buy 50 Doors, ect ect

Then people would spam by buying every door, or repeatedly buy guns

And we all know that having alot of guns will let the players have a healthy fear of each-other, and no harm will be dealt! :buddy:

High-rise: sMoke alotta weed and live in a bIg house

Both your avatar and what you just said make me think less of you as a person.

And the name.

But in honest reply to rere’s post, :350: .

Ok so, my friend decided to make it just a shooter. So no RP stuff. Please continue posting stuff.

Halo 3 Gravity Hammer.