I need immediate help hurry!

Okay well on the Tastic RP server, I am an admin, I need to stop this minging! Currently everyone on the server can spawn any swep please help. rp_adminsweps 1 is currently active need help


Uhh ban them?

Assmod menu in console: +ASS_Menu
Otherwise I’d just try !ban blahblah

or status, find their steamid, then banid their steamid.

I can’t keep constant watch over the server

Then turn off SWEP spawning?

If you’re srs though i do suggest you do what Freakie said.

…Is that vid a picture of a beehive?

Why don’t you add more admins?

Okay, yes im serious and I did that already

God I hate excuses like that. If you did it already and it didn’t work, then Add MORE, and add them from different timezones.

Killer, I don’t want them to have the ability to spawn weapons at all!
I hate answers like yours that are just an excuse for an answer