I need immediate help regarding class tables differing between client and server.

Title says most of it, but just to clarify some things…

This is my server. It is running the latest gmod server version which is compatible with Client version 13.06.20. I am running Client version 13.06.20. I currently (at the time of me writing this line) have 6 clients connected. 3 of which are currently downloading content.

I was on my server moments ago, running DarkRP (Shouldn’t go in darkrp thread as its a gmod issue). I had restarted the server because I needed to add new jobs and change the config file.

When I try to reconnect, I get this error message straight to console, no dialogue box telling me anything else…

Host_EndGame: CL_ParseClassInfo_EndClasses: CreateDecoders failed.

My server’s console says this:

[FiG]{O}Rainbow Dash!<9><STEAM_0:1:16716622><>" disconnected (reason "Disconnect by user.")

Now I try restarting GMOD, like a normal person would.

Then I start getting this… (warning, image may contain content that is completely lawful but some may take offense to. No, I am not changing my loading screen just to show one error just so that people who despise a little girls show can “look at it without getting cancer”. No. You lot can be mature about a difference of opinion or get out.)


So how do I fix this. Clearly it isn’t an update thats in order, as other clients are having no problem. I restarted GMOD and that didnt help… and there is no way in hell im gonna lose the 20GB of custom content I have gathered over the years.

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Just an update, this happens with more than just my server.

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Further update: Verified local game data. 3 files needed replacing. Issue still occurs.

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another update: This is where the retarded train begins.

I try running single player.

Host_EndGame: CL_ParseClassInfo_EndClasses: CreateDecoders failed.

Dropped [FiG]{O}Rainbow Dash! from server (Disconnect by user.)

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Update: I have resolved this issue by deleting the bin folder, vaildating, and restarting gmod.