I need information on alternative hosts and what they offer

currently wondering what hosts are out there that may be better then what I already have. I’m currently on serinity and thinking of moving to emperor. however I know of NFO and nitrous. I’m wondering what other hosts are out there that may offer better options. currently I’m looking at a 128 slot server with no bandwidth capping for $11.10 USD + freewebhosting. far better then what I have now. but even still I want to be sure first that I’m looking at all the options available

Good luck, I heard that with 300 you can get that stuff you are asking, don’t aim for a 128 players server if you actually don’t have a 128 players, that’s a waste of money

considering I’m paying $13 for a 32 slot server its a pretty good deal already

There is more to consider when looking at servers other than just slots, webhosting, and bandwidth capping you know. Cheaper != better.

well so far its looking pretty damn good. anyways not what I asked for really. I’m just looking for alternative hosts

and you want a 4x times powerful server for cheaper and with more features, hahaha

well they are advertising a 128 slot server for around $10 I’ve contacted their support and it doesn’t seem to have any limitations as far as storage space or ram. CPU I believe was the Intel Xeon E5-2670. but yeah running with tickrate 33 and max fps set to 300 it should be fine. thats currently what I have serenity set to and I’m tired of dealing with bandwidth caps on my servers website with serenity. so I’m definitly switching hosts. but if one cheaper comes along I’m going with the better deal

Why don’t you just get yourself a dedicated server (or probably a vps, but don’t expect the world at that price). Like honestly, what you’re asking for is alot. I’m actually surprised you could find someone who’d host you at that price for those features - which is why a lot of us are probably thinking “wow that guy is going to get scammed and won’t even heed the warnings”

well is it a scam? emperor hosting is offering a 128 slot server, no bandwidth caps, no ram caps(starts at 1gb and increases as needed at no extra charge), a free webhosting option that has I believe a 100GB Bandwidth/month, 25gb storage cap for the server and 50GB Storage for the website. all for about $11 usd a month.

and serinity is currently shelling out a 32 slot no bandwidth cap, no ram cap, free webhosting option that has only 25gb/month bandwidth, 3 gb storage cap for the site and unlimited storage for the server. for about $13 usd a month.

I mean emperor hosting is offering a pretty damn good deal, I just want to see if there are any deals that are even better out there or worth getting instead.

The bandwidth cap is garbage on the webhosting. I mean if they counted the ftp upload and download in their bandwidth cap (which could go either way) - then you’d only be able to fill up the storage and download it ONCE. Now I am guessing you want to be using it for fastdl. Now let’s say you only have one thing on your fastdl, and for sakes of ease say it’s an uncompressed gm_flatgrass.bsp. This would mean only 2000 people could download it without busting your cap.

Chances are their “ddos protection” is absolute crap.

Why are you trying to get all this for $10 a month? I mean, do you have a higher budget at all?

I’m not going to be using the webhosting for fastDL. its just for my donation panel and forum aswell as my loading page, but the content for the loading page isn’t even stored on the site, client links to it from youtube for the donor page. the webhosting doesn’t even do anything with the server itself other then loading page and loading url page. as for fastDL that aswell is separated from it. I don’t really care too much on DDoS protection, its not my hardware that would be at risk and if something happens I just submit a support ticket and have the IP changed to a new one. as for why I’m considering all this for $10, its quite simple. if somebody offers a better deal that will save me money and at the same time provide more room to expand my server community then I will take the one offering the better deal which looks to be emperor hosting. however if there is a better deal the emperor, which that is what I asked for people to help me find, then I would go with that better deal instead.

Just find 4-5 people to share a dedicated server and split the price, something like ESXi will do nicely to give everyone equal resources and not having them mess with your stuff.

I’m going with a game server not a vps. if I went with a VPS and had 5 other people renting out the other spaces in it from me then it kinda would defeat the whole point in looking into other hosts. plus it would raise initial costs to get started and I’d not be guaranteed that those other 5 could continuously pay for it. I can keep paying for my server however they may not be able to. I’d rather avoid potential losses like that and reduce costs. however I may do this later on as a side project by buying a VPS and renting it back out for a profit

I definitely recommend ELHosting. You get great support, adaptable hardware and in general good game servers for a more than okay price.

To be honest I’d just go rent out a dedi from OVH or from NFO, both in my experience work just fine but
you WILL Need to know what you are doing in regards to setup, configuration, etc.

I’d fully recommend going to NFO first and check out their prices…it may seem like a lot but it really should not matter if you have that many players or a job.
Although you mention “losses” and “profit”, if you are hosting a gmod server please don’t be one of those plebs who make a DarkRP server just to milk money from kids, we already have plenty of those :V

starwars RP is what my server is. darkRP is fun to minge but you don’t get many regulars on a single server so chances of any profits or let alone enough to break even is slim in my eyes. now starwarsRP from what I’ve seen is different. thats why I chose that instead. as for NFO I looked into them but when considering price per player slot serenity was cheaper so I got them instead, couldn’t afford it at the time and still working on building the player base. at 13/m I can garuntee the server permanently up until I die from old age. however I’m looking to always have more ways to save money and maximize outcomes.

Just a friendly reminder that more slots =/= more power. You can put anything up for rent and advertise it as “128 slots” as long as it lets you set maxplayers to 128. Whether it can actually handle 128 players at once isn’t guaranteed.

Get a VPS/Dedi, there’s no argueing about anything else being better.

Hosts are ripoffs.

I pay 9 euro’s a month for a dual core VPS, 4gb of ram and 400gb of storage. I have 1000/mbit up-down and i’ve never had outages. I can run as many(get more cores if you want more servers) server as i want, i can install what i want, i can use as many slots as i want. and i can litteraly host an inifinite amount of websites too, even free https!

tldr: get a vps/dedi