I need lots of help.

Before I purchased a server I got all the info now im clueless and I really don’t want to waste my money.

Can anyone help me? Like tell me where I can put addons,skins,guns, etc…

It will be really nice. and some links to good addons.

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Sure, I could give you a hand, add me on steam.

PM me and I’ll give you my profile link.

Just post exactly what you need help with.

I need help with almost everything. I have a TCAdmin control panel.

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Setting up the map
making a motd
putting in addons then I think im fine.

  1. Use FastDL (resource.AddFile) or WorkshopDL (resource.AddWorkshop). Google these.
  2. +map gm_mapname
  3. Use an admin mod like ULX.

I have a Darkrp server btw.

That doesn’t make a difference.

Why would you make a server if you have no idea what you’re doing?

When i got mine i didn’t know much lua (not that i know much more right now) but i at least had sort of a idea of what i was doing before i made it.

Also barely anyone is going to click on a title that just says “i need help.”, the only reason i did was so i could postpone even more sleep.

This isn’t helpful. If you have no experience with Source dedicated servers, it can be difficult to get into.

Why make a pointless post on someone who is looking for help. Why will I make a server if I don’t know what im doing? Because I made a server with other people who knew what they are doing and I want to know how to do some things since we have diff timezones. So don’t post on something that is for help and support if you aren’t doing any of that. And I do know some things just some things Im having trouble with.

You have all the right to ask for help here buddy. We will help you out as good as we can but we want you to be understanding.

code_gs posted some of the very most important things you would need to know as a new server owner.
What I recommend is that you Google the shit out of their search engine about your issues, before you turn to us. There are lots of good tutorials, threads and answers out there that will solve 90% of your issues. You are free to ask us about the rest of the 10% =)